Integrative Studio

A Full-Stack Programming Language and IDE

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Unified Codebase

There is no need to write code for the server and for the client separately.

Write all the code in one, more abstract, layer. The compiler automatically splits execution between server and client.


Build forms and form components that manage their own states. Combine and reuse components to create complex forms.

Adding state to a form is very easy – simply add variables to it.

Automatic Database Creation

Design your database tables and click ‘Build’ to transport your changes.

Integrative Studio runs all the database scripts needed behind the scenes.

Intelligent Database Objects

The autocomplete suggestions include tables and their members, and let you move step by step through foreign keys.

Web Services with zero boilerplate

Simply declare any function as a web service. The compiler builds a web service around it.

Calling other web services is easy too. Integrative Studio uses tree-like arrays that can be converted round-trip to the JSON exchange format.

DOM-based Layout Editor

The document tree combines the pixel-perfect precision of typing HTML with the feedback of an interactive editor.

By breaking down forms into components, you're able to create highly dynamic tree structures without leaving the comfort of the layout editor.

Discoverable Stylesheet Editor

The built-in style editor organizes CSS properties into a property box.

This approach organizes and presents the space of available style properties and lets you click and edit them.

An optional Preview pane lets you see your changes instantly.

Database Portability

Create database specifications and code that are database-agnostic.

Build multiple environments with different database vendors.

The compiler takes care of executing code specific to each of the supported databases.

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